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Our Story

The Inclusion Agency (TIA) was founded by Louisa Adjoa Parker and Louise Boston-Mammah in 2019. The pair shared a strong desire to contribute towards a more cohesive and inclusive community for all, and TIA enabled them to bring together their years of experience in championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion across the arts, heritage, and education sectors. Since the beginning TIA have worked towards bringing marginalised and diverse voices to centre stage and creating connections between people of different ethnic backgrounds living in the South West of England.  

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Our Mission

We aim to reduce prejudice, racism and other forms of discrimination; increase community cohesion; and develop strong partnerships which promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in South West England and beyond. Our core values are to engage, empower and educate the wider community on EDI issues. We enjoy co-creating and working in collaboration with others and aim to offer a fresh, non-judgemental eye on an organisation’s practices.

We are here to support people on their individual and organisational inclusion journeys and believe this is a journey we are all on together. Our area of expertise includes ‘race’ and ethnicity; gender; mental health and emotional wellbeing; and we take an intersectional approach to our work whilst promoting equality for all. The services we offer include EDI training and consultancy, community projects, talks, workshops and more. 

Louisa Adjoa Parker

Louisa Adjoa Parker is a writer, poet, speaker and EDI consultant from South West England. Her writing explores themes such as ‘race’, identity, place, home and belonging, and she is passionate about telling the stories of marginalised voices in various ways.  


Louise Boston-Mammah

Louise is an educator, co-ordinator and advisor running a variety of school and community projects. She has a life-long passion for Black History leading several projects telling the stories of ethnically diverse people living in Dorset, helping challenge misconceptions of the rural Dorset idyll.


We invited TIA to the University to talk to academics about micro-aggressions and privilege. Louisa was well prepared, responsive in setting everything up, and engaging. She did a great job of stimulating discussion and reflection on the issues, and we would definitely be happy to invite her back for further support in our work on equality and inclusion.

Fred Manby, Chemistry Faculty, University of Bristol 

The training was well delivered and thought-provoking. Thank you to Louise and Louisa for a well-structured presentation.

Volunteer 4 All/Ottery Help Scheme

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1: 'Where are you really from? participants', provided by Where are you really from? project, 2: 'Portrait of Louisa Adjoa Parker', image credit Maisie Hill, 3: 'Portrait of Louise Boston-Mammah' provided by Louise Boston-Mammah.

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